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"Every 100 years or so"

Due to some plumbing updates on this 1908 home, the floor on the bathroom was removed, but a great time for a renovations. Radiant heat floor was installed beneath the tile, a cubby was added to the shower, new cabinet above toilet, german schmear to lighten the brick, fresh coat of paint and new trim brought it all together (except the vanity...... backordered) 

"The Spa"

This petite bathroom needed to be more spacious without losing storage. To open this up the cubby was eliminated, toilet & shower moved to best utilize the small room. The walk in shower was framed out according to vanity dimensions and space required for the loo. 

"The Minimalist"

This was a low budget, quick renovation to spruce up a guest bathroom. Flooring, vanity top, toilet, shower tile, hardware and fan were replaced to make this space look brand new. 

"Cody Ray"

The goal for this project was to update the bathroom while also making the design more standard. The toilet and sink were flipped, walls were patched, textured and painted, tub / shower tile replaced and cubby added, vanity replaced, bathroom fan upgraded, door swapped, floor was tiled, trim installed and small features added (shelves & hardware).

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